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By Shelly Najjar

Whole foods are those with little or no additives and processing. Food processing on its own is neutral, neither good nor bad; processing simply means to change the nature of the food (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics [AND]). For example, canning is a form of processing that is usually considered not so good because many canned foods are high in sodium, but frozen foods like vegetables can be as good as the fresh versions because they are preserved in the peak state (read more).

It is important to know that there is no law regulating the definition or use of the term “whole food,” but there is generally agreement that “By most definitions, whole foods include fresh produce, dairy, whole grains, meat and fish” (AND). Nuts and seeds are also usually considered whole foods.

Whole foods may take more preparation before they are ready to be cooked, but the results are often worth the effort. There are also many recipes featuring whole foods that are just as quick as cooking with processed ingredients.

One way to cut cooking time is to use a pressure cooker. In 2011, Diabetes Self-Management ran a great article on whole foods and pressure cookers (read it here). The article featured basic cooking and safety tips for using pressure cookers, along with some recipes to try.

Here are other places that offer free recipes using whole foods:

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